ADHD and Chiropractic – Testimonial from a Mom

Woodland Hills chiropractor discusses ADHD and Chiropractic. Hear one Mom’s testimonial.

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Most people don’t think of ADHD and Chiropractic in the same sentence. If someone has a positive attitude towards chiropractic, it is usually for things like headaches, back pain, sciatica, pinched nerves, etc. Which is too bad, because chiropractic can help lots of things. Just to be clear, chiropractic doesn’t “fix” anything. But removing misalignments of the spine can help the brain talk to the body better; and that is always a good thing.

A gentle chiropractic adjustment can help take a child with ADHD and calm their nervous systems down. What would it be like to have the gas pedal pushed down in your car all the time? Not good, right? Your car would be revving in high gear all the time, and would be hard to control. In a person, this same concept applies. If your nervous system is in high gear, you’d be wired, have trouble concentrating, and difficult to calm down.

Does that sound familiar?

Watch the video.



Do you have a different view of ADHD and chiropractic now?

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