Watch and read some of the amazing transformations in health, function and quality of life from some of our very satisfied patients.

  • Gabe C.

    “My movement has improved, my quality of sleep has gotten better so I have more energy to use throughout the day!”

  • Jill R.

    “I feel more relaxed, yet energized after adjustments. I’m sleeping much better and I have more energy. I’m not as tight, stress-wise like I usually was.” 

  • Kelly C.

    “I have only had 1 headache since starting care and it was a regular headache, not a migraine. I feel a lot better, I have more energy, and I am beyond happy! No more napping!”

  • Amy T.

    “My arm feels better, it doesn’t flare up as quickly and I’m not in as much discomfort after work… I have more energy to do activities when I get home. The numbness and tingling in my left leg has lessened a lot, too. I feel better after work, not napping as much… more energy to do projects around the house, and a better overall mood!”

  • Amber S.

    “I have definitely noticed improvements in many areas of my health… I am able to play and enjoy playing with my kids! I’ve quit caffeine and am not tired all day.”

  • Eleni G.

    “I’d like to thank my chiropractor, Dr. Andrea Mills. I’m now sleeping much better, feel better all around… and finding that my mood has improved completely! Granted, I don’t think that I’ve been grumpy, I just feel like I’m in a GREAT mood most of the time!”

  • Yvonne Z.

    “I’m extremely rested, and NO MORE headaches. I’m much more relaxed, kink-free and stretched. 🙂 I’m waking up ready to go and feel more concentrated and able to focus… sleeping better, too.”

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  • Patricia V.

    “I am able to rest more so I have more energy throughout the day… I feel a big difference when doing things such as washing dishes, doing my bed, etc. I can stand for longer periods of time and I’m walking better.”

  • Debbie B.

    “Last night I was actually pain free 100%…. for the first time in forever. I woke up feeling the same. Yayyyyy!”

  • Tino T.

    “My pain has decreased about 25% overall; I didn’t expect this to happen this soon! I have learned so much about my body and how everything is inter-connected. I try to focus on the positive instead of my pain. I feel grateful for the baby steps in the right direction. I have more agility when bending and doing common housework such as dusting, sweeping, cleaning, etc. I am able to go walking again, I feel good!”