Thyroid Lab Results

Are you convinced you have a thyroid problem but your labs are all normal?

Are you already on a T4 only medication, but still feeling awful and your doctor tells you everything is fine?

Does your doctor tell you you're "fine" based on your TSH levels and you still have symptoms of hypothyroidism?

Are you sick of not being listened to?

I'm Dr. Mills, and I have an underactive thyroid related to Hashimoto's (an autoimmune disorder where the body slowly destroys the thyroid gland). My labs all looked "normal" yet my weight kept creeping up, my heart rate was low, and I had a bunch of "weird" symptoms related to body temperature regulation.

I got sick of working out like crazy, watching every bite I ate, and no matter what, I couldn't drop weight. I got tired of getting hot, I got tired of not sleeping, and I was frustrated.
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I spent time learning how to read thyroid lab results from a functional perspective, and I can help you with yours.

I put myself on Natural Dessicated Thyroid supplements and am seeing changes in my health. My heart rate is improving, I'm dropping weight (without trying), and my energy is great.

I can help you with a similar approach.

If you would like help reading your labs, call me. I can help you make sense of them and determine what steps to take to get your health back.

If you need new labs, we can do that too. I can help you with the following lab tests:
• Any standard blood work
• Saliva cortisol and hormone testing
• Food sensitivity testing

If you are ready to take control of your health, call me today. I love working with people who are advocates for their own health, and I'd love to be a part of your health care team.

The office number is (818) 880-1997. Call me and let's chat about your goals.