Every pregnancy is as unique as the children they bear. Having a rough first pregnancy does not mean subsequent ones will be rough, and smooth sailing in a pregnancy certainly doesn’t mean that it will be sunshine and roses for all of them. Whether you have one child or five, I encourage moms to enjoy the journey of each pregnancy for exactly what it is. This can be difficult sometimes… believe me, I know! I spent the better part of my second pregnancy with post-partum depression from my first – those were rough days for my entire family.

Making humans is hard work. Your body is literally taking the raw materials from you and the food you eat and using it to nourish the little being that is busy forming and coming to life. Think of how amazing that really is! American women are busy. We run our homes (mostly – I know a lot of dads who help out a lot here, but across the board it’s still mostly the women), we work, we homeschool, we’re active in our churches and civic organizations, we exercise, we travel, we support our husbands and kids, we volunteer… the list goes on. We keep a fast pace and we’re expected to keep it all together, no matter the personal cost. I’m here to tell you that it is OK to slow down. Especially while you’re pregnant. I encourage you to take these months and honor yourself. If you have children already, I know slowing down will be difficult, so maybe for you it means carving out time every day that is all your own. For years I’ve been saying, “It takes a village to raise children, and if you don’t have a village, you need a break.” In the first trimester, you are going to be more tired than you ever thought possible. I remember at work, I used to crawl onto an adjusting table at lunch and sleep, and when I woke up, I felt like I could still use another four hours. I gave up caffeine the first time around, and dropped to half caf the second time. My daughter wasn’t even a year old when I got pregnant the second time, and there was no way I could have made it through that second pregnancy’s first trimester without a little boost in the morning. If you need sleep, find a way to get it. Some possible substitutions for an actual nap are meditation or very gentle yoga, but sleep is the best thing for you at this stage.

The second trimester is like the honeymoon. Most women feel great, they aren’t physically too uncomfortable yet, and energy soars. Enjoy this time! It might be the last time you feel this energetic for a while.  The third trimester is when the physical discomfort really begins. Baby begins to encroach on your organs (gotta love being kicked in a full bladder) and also starts to run out of room. As your ligaments loosen to prepare for delivery, you might notice aches and pains you’ve never felt before. It’s hard to get comfortable and for many women, sleep becomes a fond memory.

You can support your body best during every trimester with the food you choose and by listening to the messages your body is sending. The food you eat can make a big difference here! Food is literally the building block of our cells; the body breaks down what we eat into its individual components and uses those to create, run, and repair us on a cellular level. The more nourishing the food you eat, the better quality ingredients your cells have to work with. This is important for baby, too! Consider having the following people on your pregnancy team:

  • A chiropractor experienced with prenantal care
  • A prenatal massage therapist.
  • A nutritionist
  • A prenatal yoga instructor
  • A doula or midwife
  • A lactation consultant
  • Someone to help around the house, especially in the third trimester

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