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Dr. Andrea Mills

23564 Calabasas Road, Ste. 205
Calabasas, CA 91302
Telephone: (818) 661-6369

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  • Dr. Mills really helped me during the last stages of my pregnancy. I would go in with some lower back and pelvic pain and leave feeling relief. I was very impressed that she treats your whole body health. I never knew how much chiropractic had to do with our overall health and she knows so much. I highly recommend her!

    ~ Rachel Viramontes
  • Recently, I suffered a serious back injury during moving. I couldn’t walk for three days. I finally was able (hobbling on crutches) to see Dr. Mills and she gave me a thorough evaluation, explaining, explaining where my subluxation issues were located. Once she started treating me, I was able to go off the crutches. I am healing quickly now and have increased mobility every day. Not only is Dr. Mills an expert, she’s a lovely person and her office is a beautiful place to visit. I would recommend her for routine preventative care as well as post-trauma. Thank you so much, Dr. Mills!

    ~ Michele Singer Evans
  • Dr. Mills did an excellent job of introducing me to the benefits of chiropractic highly recommend her!!

    ~ Gaylene Davila
  • I have known Dr. Mills for 15 years. She is so knowledgeable on how chiropractic affects every aspect of my life. I do not know what I would do without her. Her style and touch is reassuring and healing. She is an amazing practitioner!

    ~ Victoria Hemmings Smith
  • When I first met Dr. Mills I had never been to a Chiropractor and I was very uneasy about getting an adjustment. Dr. Mills made me very comfortable with the process and helped me through some rough times after injury my neck falling down a flight of stairs. Her care became a critical part of healing and managing my pain. Thank you Dr. Mills!

    ~ Deborah Bartlett
  • I’ve known Dr. Mills-Oliveau for about 12 years. She’s definitely the ones to see! I’ve used her services and been absolutely thrilled. (And she even adjusted my pup, Lucy a few times saving from costly surgery!) And yes, she has a heart for what she does!

    ~ Vicky Thomas
  • Dr. Mills have met my chiropractic needs for years. An injury had made me feel I would eventually lose mobility in my hand Dr. Mills was not comforting but knowledgeable. She treated my injury and I was fully restored. Also my grandson was experiencing growing pains in his legs and back. Dr. Mills expressed he might benefit from a few adjustments. At only 6 years old he was comfortable and relaxed in her care!! Soon after going to see Dr. Mills he was feeling much better! I would recommend Dr. Mills to any friend or family member at any age!!

    ~ Tammy Bacco
  • Dr. Mills is amazing! I went in not really knowing what to expect as I had only ever have been to one other chiropractor. My first visit she explained her process in a scientific way but also in a way that made so much sense to me about how our bodies and nervous system work together. I’ve being treated by Dr. Mills for about 3 months and I have seen and felt a world of difference!! I sleep better, I have tons more energy, the tingling in my hands is gone, I hardly any pain anymore. I will never regret the decision to start this journey with her! I highly recommend her if you want to change your life

    ~ Janeth Hurtado
  • Had severe neck pain and was taking Aleve constantly, Andrea has a gift for finding just the right spot to alleviate pain and, although I’m not totally pain free yet, I feel much better and am not taking any pain meds.

    ~ Paula Reid
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