How Chiropractic Care Can Help Relieve Migraine

Conventional migraine treatments range from over the counter painkillers, muscle relaxers, Botox injections, and prescription migraine medications. Results from these vary, with some people seeing no change in their headaches at all. Some people have complete success and get rid of their migraines, and a lot of people fall in the middle with so-so results.

Migraines can be life altering. When I had them, I would lay on my couch and cry, thinking that I couldn’t go on living with the pain. I’d wake up with a headache, take a painkiller with my coffee and push through my day. By the time I got home at night, my head was pounding, my eyes hurt and I could barely function. I started with over the counter painkillers and graduated to Imitrex (a prescription migraine treatment) and finally to narcotics (to sleep). It was a rough few years of my life.

Luckily for me, my ex-husband knew a great chiropractor and suggested I see them; maybe they could help with my migraines. After a thorough examination, they told me that a spinal injury from my car accident many years prior was causing muscle spasms, nerve interference, and contributing to my migraines. They said that with time and chiropractic care, I would likely see my migraines disappear. They were right!

Chiropractic care as a migraine treatment can be very effective; it’s also safe, which can’t always be said for medications. Some people are afraid of chiropractic adjustments. What they don’t realize is that there are lots of ways to adjust someone. In my office, there’s no “twisting and cracking” and I have low force tools for those people who are nervous. Communication is huge, and patients are always well informed and understand how and why I make the choices I do to improve their headaches.

We start with a thorough health history. Usually there is some “starting event” when the headaches began. Often, just figuring out what that event was can help me determine if your migraines are related to your spinal health.

After that, I want to look at your posture. Outward misalignments, muscle imbalances and bad posture can cause tight muscles, and tight muscles cause pulling, pinching and pain.
Then I do my examination, doing a physical exam, checking your sensory nerves and spinal tension, and wrapping it up with advanced scanning that looks for spinal stress affecting the muscles and nerves of your spine.

After I’ve put all that information together in one package, you and I go over it and I show you exactly what the tests show. Patients tell me they love the information and they always say, “this makes so much sense!” Then we go over how chiropractic for migraine treatment works, how long you can expect to be seen, and how soon you might see relief.

If you’ve tried other migraine treatments and haven’t considered chiropractic care, come in for a free consultation. I’d love to chat and share others’ successes and see if we can help you too!