A question I get frequently from expecting moms is, “Are you Webster certified?” And the answer is YES!

What is the Webster technique? What does it do?

It’s a way of adjusting pregnant women that focuses on the pelvis to improve the balance of the uterus and reduce stress on the ligaments and muscles that support it. By doing so, the Webster technique can help alleviate common pregnancy-related discomforts and prepare your body for an easier labor delivery.

Dr. Larry Webster developed this technique in the 1980s. He was a chiropractor who noticed that many of his pregnant patients had pain and difficulties. He knew that if could improve the underlying structural issues that come from pregnancy, women would experience relief from their discomfort.

The Webster technique involves a series of gentle adjustments to the pelvis along with some muscle balancing. I use specific techniques to analyze the alignment of the pelvis and then do gentle adjustments to reduce any misalignments I find. An added bonus from aligning the spine is that we improve the function of the nervous system and reduce any interference in brain-body communication. This means that you may have other, pleasantly unexpected side benefits from your visits, including more energy, better digestion and improved sleep (unless you’re in the third trimester and then all bets are off!).

Another benefit of the Webster technique is that it can help improve fetal positioning. It is usually used to address something called intrauterine constraint. This occurs when the uterus is not properly aligned due to tension or misalignment in the pelvis. When the pelvis is misaligned, it can make the space tight for the baby to move around in. This may lead to the baby having trouble turning head down, which can make delivery more difficult. By improving the alignment of the pelvis, the Webster technique can help create more space for the baby to move around in and encourage them to move into the optimal position for delivery.

Many women look for Webster certified chiropractors because they want a non-invasive, drug-free way to help alleviate the aches and pains of pregnancy. Most of the pregnant women I see come in with back pain and hip pain. Your body changes A LOT to accommodate your baby. By addressing the underlying structural issues you have, the Webster technique can help reduce your pain and improve your overall function.

Research has shown that the Webster technique is very effective. In one study, 82% of pregnant women who received the Webster technique reported a reduction in pain and discomfort. Another study found that the Webster technique was effective in improving fetal positioning and reducing the need for interventions during delivery.

Now listen, it’s important to note that the Webster technique is not a substitute for medical care during pregnancy. Pregnant women should continue to receive regular prenatal care from their healthcare provider. However, the it is an amazing complement to the care you are getting from your OB, offering additional support and relief to help you with discomfort during your pregnancy.

If you are looking for a Webster certified chiropractor around Los Angeles, I’d love to help. My office is in Woodland Hills. I even have a specific pregnancy table with a cutaway for your belly, so you’ll be able to lay on your stomach. Most of my pregnant moms say laying on my table is the best part of their day!